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Rambler's Traveler Rambler near Dixon Ford on a national forest trail. (Also pictured with Rambler is Lola and Nancy). Rambler is very sure-footed and can find and remember a trail when I can't!

Fox's Sunrise G at Mt. Rushmore (with Nancy aboard). There's never been a sweeter, more steady, dependable horse for any occasion.

Rambler Traveler's Rambler A #06-89226 and Fox's Sunrise G #03-77927 is owned by Nancy Diesch of Compton, AR

Cassey's Ginger Snap

Dun Dee Porter Wagoner is the new love of my life. Recently I was introduced to Andrew Hendrix and he introduced me to Porter. That day I rode Porter at Andrew's barn I knew there was something special about him. Only after a few rides I have fallen head over heels for him. He is the kindest most respectful horse I have been around since my beloved Dolly, that taught me how to ride as a six year old little girl. Porter is of the same character and has been very patience and forgiving as I learn the techniques require of Fox Trotters that are so different from the Quarter Horses that I have always ridden. I have enjoyed Porter so much that my husband had to buy himself a MFT (Sunny) from Andrew. I am very excited about our future trail riding days. I have a great horse to ride and a new friends to ride many trails with.

Thank you, Andrew!!!


My wife and I have been trail riding on Quarter Horses for many years.

We were recently introduced to Andrew Hendrix and Missouri Fox Trotters.

We purchased two Fox Trotters from Andrew with Sunny being my horse. He is a four year old sorrel gelding that has been trained extremely well. For a four year old Sunny is extremely calm and relaxed and preforms his gaits like a seasoned horse. Not only has Andrew trained Sunny well he has also invited my wife and I on rides and has worked with me in acquiring the new skills for riding a Fox Trotter.

I look forward to many years and many miles on the trail with Sunny and my wife riding together.

I feel that you get what you pay for and with this purchase I got a great horse and new friends.







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