Boston Mountain Foxtrotters

Tribute to a Special Friend


Foaled: May 02, 1997                             Died: Jan. 13, 2006

"Smokey" was born in Black, Missouri.  He was bred by Berhnard Reich and owned by George and Joann Becker, of Black, Missouri.   He sire was Sensation's Trademark and dam was Cloud’s Fancy Girl. He was Smokey black, with a small star and one sock.

We purchased "Smokey" as a two year old at the London Horse Sale, in London, Arkansas. We bought him from Danny Griffin, our county agent, for $600. It was around the spring of 1999. Danny said he wasn't broke, but my dad got a saddle and climbed on him and road him around the sale barn. He never offered to buck, he took off like a broke horse. I wanted to ride him but my dad said to wait awhile. He was the best purchase we've ever made at a sale. Who says you can't buy your best friend. Smokey was our first Missouri Fox Trotter. He was still a stallion.

We brought him home and started riding him. He was the first stud horse I had ever ridden, I was about eleven. You couldn't even tell he was a stallion, but my dad said we have no use for a stallion, so sadly we cut him. ; Since, Smokey was cut I started riding him more and more. I would help my dad break horses with him by snubbing them up to him. Smokey helped us break several horses; he also helped us break colts to lead. It never bothered him. We grew to love Smokey more and more.

Smokey has traveled thousands of trail miles and never broke his gait.  He had a very smooth foxtrot and flat foot walk. We never showed him but he was a winner to us anyway, we knew he was much better than any World Grand Champion. I believe that God gave me this perfect horse for a reason. I had several offers on him, but I just simply could not take them.

One day me and my dad was riding, I was on Smokey and my dad was on an un-broke horse. We were going around an old pond and when all of a sudden we slid and fell in the mud. Smokey was on top of me but, he wasn't putting any pressure on me. We couldn't get up because my dad's horse was on top of my leg pawing it. My dad lifted the horse off me and pulled me out from Smokey. Smokey stayed still, he knew I was under him and he was protecting me. Finally, my dad got Smokey up. My dad was worried about me but I was worried about Smokey, I knew I was alright because God had healed my leg instantly. We were all alright.

We broke several more horses after that incident. We rode several trail rides, parades, and gathered cattle. Nothing could stop this versatile horse. We rode Smokey several times to our church and all the kids had to ride him.

On January 14, 2006 my dad called and said the cows are out go catch Smokey. I went to catch him but couldn't find him. My dad came home and found him in the fence dead. My dad came and told me, I couldn't believe it, I was in shock. I went to see him he was laying there. I couldn' t believe the best horse in the world was gone.

I have read about people losing their horse, I know how they feel, it is very hard. I will always keep him in my memory. I will always love him as will all who knew him. He was buried on our farm here at Boston Mountain Fox trotters. I want to thank God for that special friend he sent me. We will all miss you Smokey!