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Equine Liability Signs, Specific to Your State

If you own, board, breed or train horses, or offer any type of equine activity on your property,
Protect Yourself!       No equine facility should be without a Liability Sign!

Equine Liability Laws help horse owners by providing a measure of immunity from lawsuits by warning visitors of the inherent risks of equine activities.  If your stateís Equine Liability Law* affects you or your business, look for sign posting requirements and make sure that you comply. In many states, failure to comply with the requirements concerning warning signs, notices and contracts can prevent invoking the privileges of the immunity provided by theses legislative acts.  These requirements vary considerably from state to state and there is simply no "one-size-fits-all" sign for nationwide use. Most states require very specifically worded warning signs to be placed at clearly visible locations on or near stables, corrals, arenas, trails and other areas in close proximity of the equine activity.  Most insurance companies that cover horse related businesses are now requiring that the State's Liability Signs be posted prior to the policy being in effect.  Posting the sign can eliminate many peoples ability to sue because it warns them of the inherent risks of equine activity at your facility.  Donít be caught off-guard! Protect yourself and post your signs today!  The sign you are purchasing meets the specific wording, size and color requirements taken directly from your states Equine Liability Law and labels the specific state statute.

 Liability signs are 12" x18" and made from heavy gauge aluminum that will never rust. All highway departments across the country use aluminum for their road signs. Steel will rust and plastic will crack, warp, fade, and break when subjected to the outside elements. Mounting holes are pre-drilled for easy mounting. We recommend mounting all outdoor signs with ALUMINUM bolts, screws or nails this will keep the face of your sign free of rusty streaks (from the nails!) These signs are guaranteed to be of high quality and durability. All designs are copyright protected and manufactured in the USA.

*States that do not currently have equine liability limitation statutes are: California, Maryland, Nevada & New York
Statutes can be found on the internet or by contacting your State office.

Example of Signs (Click to enlarge)







Supplemental Equine Liability Sign   12" x 18"

For added protection the supplemental sign is strongly recommended in addition to your stateís Equine Liability sign. Or for the states that do not have an Equine Liability statute such as California, Maryland, Nevada and New York, this is an excellent alternative sign.

$15.30 each


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Equine Liability Signs | Missouri Foxtrotter Signs | View PDF for all Signs | Decal Order Form | Order Form

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