Bill of Sale Purchase Agreement

Buyer's Name:__________________________ Seller's Name:___________________________





Phone Number:___________________

Phone Number:___________________

This agreement is made between ______________________ herein referred to as the Buyer and

______________________ herein referred to as the Seller.

Horse to be purchased:

Name: ________________________________________ DOB: _________________ Sex: ______
Color: ______________________________ Breed: ________________ Reg No# _____________
Markings: ______________________________________________________________________


In consideration of the total sum of $______________, (___________________), Seller agrees to sell

and buyer agrees to buy the said horse described above on the terms and conditions further set forth herein.

Payment Terms

The purchase is for the cash and BUYER agrees to pay $___________ as deposit on the ______ day

of _________, 2004 and, BUYER further agrees to pay the balance due of $____________ on or

before the __________, day of _____________, 2004.

The horse described above will be kept at this address __________________________________ until paid in full.


(1) The SELLER warrants s/he has official registration papers to said horse:

(2) The Seller makes no other warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose except as may be otherwise provided for in this Agreement as in (3) below;

(3) The Seller warrants the following:______________________________________


(4) BUYER warrants that BUYER has the option to review the condition and health of the horse, including any veterinarian examinations, at BUYERs expense. In the event Buyer has the horse examined by a licensed veterinarian as indicated in this paragraph, then that veterinarian examination shall be attached to this agreement.

(5) In the event said horse shall not meet any of the above warranties by __________ day of

________, 2004,  Seller agrees to do the following: ______________________________


Risk of Loss

(1) Seller shall assume the risk of said horse, and upon receipted delivery to buyer, Buyer shall assume the risk of loss.

(2) In the event of the loss of the horse prior to receipted delivery to BUYER, SELLER shall return to BUYER any monies paid by buyer.


If the buyer is unable to fulfill the contract, the sale will be nullified and all previous payments made will be forfeited.

Upon material breach of this Agreement by one party the other party shall have the option to terminate same.

On any breach, the other party shall have the right to recover expenses and costs within the parameters of the paragraph  below.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of ________________________________.


Buyer signature
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