Breeding Contract


Date: ____________    

Owners Name:______________________________ Phone:_______________________

Address: __________________________________ State:_______________Zip:____________

Stallion:___________________________________ Reg. #____________Breeding Fee: ______

Date Paid: ____________________

Mare's Name: ______________________________ Reg. # ___________

Dates Bred:________________________________ Ultrasound Dates:_______________

Boarding Dates: ____________________________
                           @$5.00 per day or @$7.00 w/foal = Total Board: ________________

Vet Costs: _________________

Transportation: _____________

Total Due: ________________

Breeding fees are due in advance, board & Vet costs at the time mare is picked up.

Mare must have proof of a clean culture, be up on her current shots and coggins test.  A Strangles vaccination is recommended.  The ______________________ cannot be responsible for any accident or illness to mare or her foal.  We will call a veterinarian of our choice at our discretion. Precautions to avoid any problems will be used.

This breeding comes with a "Live Foal Guarantee".  In the event mare does not settle, with first breeding she may be brought back for additional breeding any time during the same year.  If she does not carry to term, or foal dies at birth she can be brought back for one additional years breeding at no extra cost, other than board & Vet.

Mare Owners Signature:_________________________________