Versatility Training Videos  by GINA GARDNER

"From the Ground"  ...Spend quality ground time with your horse. Watch demonstrations of in-hand trail maneuvers. Included is a section on Showmanship demonstrating a simplified explanation of the quarter system.

"Flex Your Gait" ...Supple your horse while training for gait. How-to Examples of warm-up exercises. Included is a section on bitting and equipment use.

"Fool Proof Obstacles" ...See how to execute trail obstacles step by easy step. Adjust a stride using ground poles and fence work. Included is a section on bitting and equipment use.

These videos communicate techniques from the fundamentals in "Flex your Gait" to Showmanship in "From the Ground" and training for trail classes in "Fool Proof Obstacles".  Learn from a World Champion Versatility competitor and trainer.

Cost of the videos is $40 each, or $100 for the set.  Shipping and handling is included, with normal delivery in 7 to 10 days.

To order videos:

Print this Order Form, Send it along with a Check or Money Order to:

Gina Gardner, 82537 Greenwood, Creswell, Or. 97426

Video Quantity Cost Total
"From the Ground" ________ $40.00 ________
"Flex Your Gait" ________ $40.00 ________
"Fool Proof Obstacles" ________ $40.00 ________
The Set of Three ________ $100.00 ________

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