Promoting the Missouri Foxtrotter in the Greater Kansas City Area

 Showing your Foxtrotter


The Missouri Foxtrotter was bred to be extremely versatile. Today that versatility is seen in the show ring. Foxtrotters are shown at model, performance and versatility, which includes horsemanship, reining, ranch horse, and jumping, to name a few.

The Kansas City area offers a number of shows throughout the year that feature Foxtrot specific classes. In addition the KCRFTHA sponsors two shows annually. The Spring Show is a foxtrot only show and often includes a seminar to help riders with their horses. It is held in April. Our Annual Show is held every August. In addition to showcasing the Missouri Fox Trotter, it features classes for a variety of breeds, including Arabians, Quarter Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses. More information on our shows is listed below.

KCRFTHA Members can nominate the horse and rider for high point awards which are awarded at our annual awards banquet held in December.


KCRFTHA Annual Show Championship Class Winners
Pat Adams High Point Award Winners
Martin Cobb Junior Horse High Point Winners