Mid America Rule Book - page 6

- Refer to the MFTHBA rulebook for definition of an amateur & must hold an
Amateur Card.
Horses may be shown in both the Amateur and Open Divisions, with the exception of the
Maturity horses, which may only be shown in either the Amateur Maturity or the Open Maturity.
Maturity horses are eligible to show in both divisions for regular classes. i.e. (You may show your
5 Year and Older Maturity horse in the Open Maturity, but it will still be eligible to show in the
Amateur Specialty). 2 Year Old Futurity horses may only be shown in the 2 Year Old Futurity
classes, under either the Amateur or the Open division.
Standards as excerpted from the “Official Handbook: Rules, Standards & Policies of the
MFTHBA, effective date August 1, 2009, pages 21-22”
General: Standards of the Fox Trotting Horse
The fox trot is a broken diagonal gait performed by walking in front and trotting behind,
with reach in each stride. The front hoof of the diagonal pair strikes the ground just
before the rear hoof, and one front hoof is on the ground at all times in a correct fox trot.
The Fox Trotting Horse is not a high stepping horse, but an extremely surefooted one,
and because of the sliding action of the rear feet rather than the hard step of other breeds,
the rider experiences little jarring action and is quite comfortable in the saddle for long
periods of time.
The head and tail are slightly elevated, giving the horse a graceful carriage, and the
rhythmic beat of the hooves along with the nodding action of the head present an
appearance of relaxation and poise. The movement should be smooth and consistent with
no noticeable up and down motion.
The ideal characteristics of the fox trotting horse shall be that the animal will travel in a
collected manner with animation, rhythm and style. In each of the gaits, remember
“Style and Grace, It’s Not a Race!”
Section 1. Conformation
The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse generally stands between 14 and 16 hands in height,
and averages between 900 to 1200 pounds. The horse should stand well on its feet, be
erect, wide awake and alert. The neck should be graceful, in proportion to length of
body, and joined to the body in a manner pleasing to the eye. The fox trotting horse
should have a neat, clean, symmetrically shaped head of medium length; pointed ears that
are well shaped; eyes that are large, wide set and bright; and a tapered muzzle with large
nostrils. The back should be reasonable short and strong, the body deep and the ribs
well-sprung. The flank should be sleek, and the chest deep and well ribbed. The
shoulders should be sloped at a 45 to 50 degree angle, and moderately muscled. The legs
should be muscular and tapered. The foot should be well made, strong and in proper
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