Mid America Rule Book - page 8

Neither the judge nor member of his/her family shall exhibit, train or own a horse in the
The judge will not be eligible to judge provided that he/she has trained exhibited,
conditioned, boarded or owned any horse to be shown with in the last 6 months. If a
judge cannot exercise an objective opinion, free from possible prejudice, bias, or outside
influence, because of a connection with an owner, exhibitor, or anyone whether or not the
judge feels he/she would be affected, a judge must disqualify himself/herself, or may be
disqualified by the MAFTHA Board of Directors. The judge must have a current
MFTHBA judge’s card and be in good standing with MAFTHA and MFTHBA.
The judge shall not appear on the show grounds more than 15 minutes before the judging
begins from the day the show begins until the conclusion of the final day of the show.
Judges shall not visit with the exhibitors, owners, or handlers before the show, nor
inspect or discuss any horse prior to class time. In the event this rule is violated, the
judge will be dismissed and the alternate will judge. Judges shall not discuss horses or
judging from the day the show begins until the conclusion of the final day of the show.
Performance classes are to be judged as follows:
Three Gait Classes: 40% Fox Trot; 20% Flat Foot Walk; 20% Canter;
10% conformation; 10% Equitation.
Two Gait Classes: 50% Fox Trot; 25% Flat Foot Walk; 15% Conformation;
10% Equitation
Exhibitors shall bring each horse through the gate single file, turn to the right and proceed
in a counterclockwise direction. The horses will not be judged until all horses are in the
arena, the gate is closed and the class is called. When called to reverse, the exhibitor
shall turn their horse toward the center of the ring. A brief pause may be made. Riders
are not permitted to dismount except if a 5 minute break is called during a two year old
class. Minor adjustments may be made during this time, but no outside assistance is
The call judge shall direct the presentation of the horses in the required gaits. Horses
shall be shown both ways of the ring at least once around the arena in each of the gaits.
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