Mid America Rule Book - page 9

For the purpose of eligibility for competition, the age of a horse shall be computed by the
calendar year, starting January 1 of the year foaled. The exception to this is that any foal
born from October 1 through December 31 shall be considered for show purposes only,
to fall in the following year. (Example: A foal born in November 2007 will be
considered a two year old in 2010.)
After the class is announced and the entries are called to the arena, a period of three
minutes shall be allowed during which horses shall be permitted to enter the show ring.
If all the horses have not entered the show ring after the three minutes, a one minute
warning announcement shall be made, during which time a late arrival may enter the
arena. At the expiration of that time (a total of 4 minutes), the gates are to be closed, the
class called, and no other horse shall be allowed to enter. It is the responsibility of the
exhibitor to be ready to enter the arena within the specified time. Failure of the exhibitor
to present himself/herself in sufficient time to enter t he arena during this four minute
period, for whatever reason, shall be deemed a disqualification from this class and any
subsequent class for which this class is a qualifier.
Exhibitors requesting additional time between back–to-back classes for a tack change
shall advise a show official prior to the class so that a delay not to exceed seven minutes
may be granted. The seven minute delay will be announced and commence after the
victory lap of the previous class.
Should an exhibitor desire to be excused from the show arena, permission shall be
requested from the Ring Master or Judges. The exhibitor is to remain in center ring until
excused. An exhibitor may not voluntarily remove from the ring without permission.
Exhibitors requesting a time out will ride to center ring remain mounted and request a
time out from the ring person. Riders may not dismount until given official permission.
The ring steward will ascertain the reason for the time-out and grant it if valid. Horses
cannot leave the ring during a time-out. Valid reasons for a time-out are replacement of a
thrown shoe, repair or replacement of broken equipment or in rare cases other reasons
that a Judge may find valid. A groom or farrier may assist the exhibitor as needed. No
adjustments may be made while the rider is dismounted except for those that the time-out
was granted. A total of seven minutes will be granted in aggregate for each entry for
approved time-outs. The horses on the rail will go at ease during the time out.
An exhibitor will be disqualified if the horse and/or rider fall during the class. A
horse is considered to have fallen when shoulder and haunch on the same side touch the
Exhibitors of horses that are openly bleeding, show obvious lameness or present a bad
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