PostHeaderIcon Sage and Susan Go for Level 1 Test cont

I did mention it was hot and humid.

Monday was day 4 of being hot and humid all day.  Plus for test day, we were in the arena..where it is even more hot and humid than it is outside.

We had a break for lunch. We were all sitting in the air conditioned lounge.

Suddenly, I started crying.  I tried to figure out what was happening to me as I was not sad about anything.

I decided I must be having heat exhaustion.  I mentioned that to the crowd and all of a sudden I had ice cold water to drink and cold rags on my arms.

When our lunch was over and I stopped crying, we went back out to finish the tasks.

Sage and I ended up not passing 4 tasks.  Instead of passing four tasks, we passed all of them except 4!  WOWSA!

Of course the mounting task was one of them.  My regime of muscling up my leg muscles continues….

Late in the year, Jenny passed our remaining four tasks.  I was able to mount Sage from the ground…from both sides. Amazing!

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