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PostHeaderIcon Velvet – Mohair Cinch disaster

I got a 100% mohair cinch handmade by a woman in Utah!

I put it on my saddle and away I rode in the lesson. We were cantering
circles and I felt that my saddle was loose. I mentioned that to Jenny after
that round of cantering. I’ve had that feeling before with my neoprene

My turn to canter in circles again. I was on the wall and felt my saddle
go…no bringing it back! I pulled Velvet really close to the corregated
metal arena wall and leaned against it as we were slowing down. I made a heck of a racket! We were almost at a stop and the saddle slipped under Velvet’s belly. I slipped to the ground.  A nice thing about the footing in a nice arena…it’s usually deep dirt right on the wall.  I fell into the deep dirt and nothing hurt!

MY point: New Mohair girths STRETCH! Another friend of mine got a mohair
girth right after my slow motion corregated fall. She rode with it…taking
the time to tighten once and a while. Her new mohair girth stretched SIX

 I have a new hatred of my mohair girth now.  I’ve gone back to the trusty neoprene.


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