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PostHeaderIcon Velvet – bridleless demonstration at Mid America show

The great demonstration at the Mid America fox trotter horse show was last Saturday and everything was just super!
here’s some highlights:

My reining circles turned into triangles, but nobody cared.

During one of my reining circles, I decided to switch my flag to the
other hand..during our canter. Unfortunately, I switched my hands
right in front of my body, thus forcing the flag to be whipped right
in my face! I was riding blind for a while. I tried to pretend that
this was part of the act, but the crowd knew better! We all chuckled.

We did a reining horse sliding stop that made the crowd inhale and
exhale a big ohhhhhhh!!!scream with loud clapping.

The diagonal trot and canter went GREAT

The announcer was reading the script when I was supposed to jump the
barrels, but instead Velvet evaded the barrels. But, we turned right
around and jumped it…twice, astounding everyone.

We managed to sidepass over the barrels without knocking them crooked.

I leaped off and the ringman helped take the saddle off. I asked
Velvet to lie down, but she bowed. The crowd errupted into applause,
thinking that was it. They quieted right down when I kept asking her
to lie down. They errupted into applause when she did.
I petted her and moved to the other side. There was sort of an
inhaled gasp noise from the crowd when I sat on her. When she stood
up…more intensive applause.

I rode around the arena bareback and bridleless to thunderous
applause and it got louder as I was leaving the arena! I tried to
turn and take “another bow”, but Velvet really wanted to leave out
the open gate. We struggled and the applause tapered off…We did a
departing reining spin!

After it was over, I was walking around the arena. I got many
congrats and great riding exclamations from people..lots of people
chatted with me and exclaimed over the demo. My FAVORITE was a man
who asked me if I had anything published that he could buy on
training horses like this!
I answered everyone’s questions…even the publication question with
it’s the Pat Parelli training system!



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