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PostHeaderIcon Nova’s Notebook – Young Years

For years my horses were just a little too much to trust them to my son to ride.  I did have him take horse back riding lessons for about 3 months in the early years of his life.  In his adult life, he told me that the people tied his legs to the stirrups and once the saddle turned and he rode underneath the horse.  Who Knew these things!  You just can’t trust just anyone with with your child.

The past two years I’ve been afraid to have him ride as he needed to be feeling good (without any broken body parts) while he’s on stage performing.
Now that Velvet and Sage are ridable-by-anyone-horses, I’ve been waiting for a mother / son ride.
Finally, it happened today.  We took JR and Velvet out for a spin around our neighbor’s turf farm.  It is really windy and my riding Velvet before he came out didn’t seem to dampen her enthusiasm when he rode her.  There was a time or two on the way back when I wondered if he would be able to stop her and whew, he did.
It was a great time and my day today has been very special.
Before we rode, my son, daughter in law and I sat in the pen with the baby.  Baby Nova came up and chewed on us while we got a lot of petting in on her.

the first glimpse of summer has arrived this weekend in Missouri!

PostHeaderIcon Nova’s Notebook – Baby Time

Hello Daytime!

Nova has turned into the color of dark pumkin pie.  I’m calling her Nova Spice at the moment.
She gets to be out in the pasture with the herd now (during the day).  Her mother no longer worries about the other horses.  Nova gets to play with everyone and runs back to mom if she feels that she needs to.  Every horse is pretty nice to her, but she is learning about moving out of Velvet’s way.

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