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PostHeaderIcon JR’s Journal – JR went to Level 3 Clinic with Linda Parelli


Rosa wanted to attend a Level 3 clinic with Linda Parelli and Rosa doesn’t have a horse.  I let her borrow JR.  That means that JR got to be in a L3 clinic with Linda and I didn’t. sigh…
Rosa came up to Pine Dell to bring JR home and she came up again this weekend to ride with Jenny.
She told me that JR did great in the level 3 clinic with Linda Parelli.  She said that Linda Parelli yelled at her several times across the way to say, “Rosa, You’re Doing Great with that Horse!”
Another time, the exercise was haunches in.  They were to walk around with haunches more to the inside and the front end going straight.  JR can do that with his eyes closed.  So Rosa decided to do half pass.  She walked his front end on the gravel road and his back end in the grass.  Linda told her that she was doing too much.  Rosa told Linda that she was doing a half pass.  Linda said, OH!  Then he is PERFECT!
He was the only gaited horse in the class!  He was the only fox trotter in the class.
On the way down and the way back, JR stayed in the trailer one night.  They parked the trailer right outside their motel window.  JR didn’t make a sound.  (Velvet would have woke up the entire motel with banging if it had been her in the trailer!)  They did sleep late the one night on the way home.  Rosa was exhausted and couldn’t get out of bed early.  JR started banging on the trailer at 7:00am…his meal time.  They shot out of bed and got him his food and started on the way home.
JR whinnied as he came into our driveway.  He was Very Happy to get home to his own herd.



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