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PostHeaderIcon Nova’s Notebook – 6 Month Off Injury

Nova got kicked in the knee while in the pasture. She came limping up to Jenny dragging her leg.  We got the vet out, xRays were taken and a splint was put on her leg. They couldn’t see anything, but didn’t want to take a chance.

Poor Nova had to stay in a stall in the hummid summer heat. Barb climbed up on the stall and mounted a fan so it would point down.  Nova laid in  her stall quite a bit.

We took the splint off and couldn’t see anything.  Lameness test showed her to be limping.  The vet decided that nothing had been broken.  The diagnosis was that her synovial fluid had leaked out of her knee. We did two or three injections and she was deemed good enough to come home and be free in her pasture.

This put her training with Jenny at 6 month suspension.

When she started up again, Nova looked great. But she stumbled a lot.  Slow to mature is what we thought.  It took us a while before we realized we need Rhonda Martin, Equine Massage Therapist, to look at her.  Rhonda saw in a nanosecond that Nova’s front end and back end were not in a harmonious rythm.  We  had massage sessions and Nova got a lot better. Finally, Rhoda told us to get Dr. Randy Huenefeld, Vet, chiropractor, accupunture specialist to look at her. That was the final thing Nova needed.  Her body fit back together again and Jenny went on to ride her in the 2008 Celebration World horse show!

I got Nova to ride after the Celebration and my riding adventures started!


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