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PostHeaderIcon JR’s Journal – Chris and JR in Parelli Spotlight

KC Parelli Pat & Chris

Chris has Down’s syndrome.  He also has a connection with animals. Chris and JR performed in Pat Parelli’s Kansas City Celebration Spotlight events. They did “online”.  JR was in tune with Chris.  JR was using everything he had to do what Chris wanted him to do.  Now and then Chris moved out of position which made it difficult for JR to do what Chris wanted.  He tried.  The audience held our breath…and then JR did it!  The audience erupted.

Chris and JR performed like clouds on a dreamy day. They drifted around the arena in harmony.

Everyone was very moved.  Pat was really moved and awarded Chris his level 2 string-on the spot…in the arena.

Chris became a Level 1 graduate and tears were in everyone’s eyes.

Note:  JR was sold to Lynne and Walan Burger in 2008. Chris is Lynne’s nephew.

PostHeaderIcon Susan and Velvet – Parelli 2009 Spotlight Blue Ribbon


Pat Parelli's 2009 Celebration Spotlight!

The reining demonstration is pretty cool. At the end when we run down the arena preparing to do a slide stop, I open the umbrella and it turns inside out!

Our Dressage demonstration is highlighted by a “dressage hat” I found at a toy store and really cool dressage moves. We do leg yields at flat foot walk and canter – that means we travel diagonally across the arena. Velvet also does her rocking chair canter-naturally. If we have time, we do drop to a trot lead changes. It’s all bridleless!

It’s all pretty darn fun to watch too…and Velvet just blows everyone away!

When the 2nd song ended, Pat Parelli said, “Susan Engle, If I didn’t have boots on, you would have blown my socks off! You got 10 in all four categories. Your ribbon is the top ribbon – Level 5 in performance. And for selling 100 tickets, you get a free two week course!”

Velvet and I got two (or more) standing ovations from the crowd including all Pat’s Master Students and Certified Instructors.

That afternoon, Nichle Copple took Velvet back into another Spotlight performance. Nichole and Velvet performed with Nichole’s sister riding Sasha. At one point, they both stood up on their horses and rode around at a trot…STANDING! They rocked the house! Nichole and Caitlyn were also awarded the top ribbon. This top ribbon was given to three people or groups over the weekend out of all the performances. It’s just simply outstanding that Velvet got two of the three Level 5 performance ribbons!
Needless to say, I was shocked beyond belief. Later in the week, Velvet and I were mentioned in the Parelli eNewsletter than goes to 10′s of thousands of people all over the world.


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