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My idea of fun is taking a new young horse and bringing them thru to finished saddle horse. Sage was my first.  I was a 50 year old beginning adult rider when I got Sage. She was the story of my unwritten book, From SPLAT to BRIDELESS!

I thought I could ride after a 35 year gap and an old adult body.  I got two year old Sage and proved that theory wrong.  With a lot of help, Sage and I made it thru the Parelli levels and we passed the the original L 1 and L2.  It was a lot different back then. We had to ride bareback in one of the tasks for L1!  We had to do flying lead changes for one of the tasks in L2 and ride farther and faster bareback…amid a zillion other things.

Sage took on the title of Sage the Brave during the course of our times together. We went on a zillion trail rides, crossed water, deep muddy gulches, traveled to Colorado and had a million adventures.

When I graduated L2, I started and finished another horse and another etc.  Right now I’m riding Sage’s daugher and she is a finished saddle horse, with a little further to go.

During the times when I was riding other horses, I always had a job for Sage.  For many years, she became a natural horsemanship lesson horse at Pine Dell Farm. Ridden in halter and lead rope by untold number of beginning and experienced children and adults, she provided a smooth safe ride. She was partially leased occasionally by wonderful people who paid special attention to her. All these people studied the ways of natural horsemanship.

Sage was taken on trail rides and kept everyone safe as could be. She’s fun to ride. She has a smooth flat foot walk, running walk and a smooth rocking horse canter. She is to die for.

In the last two years, Sage changed her job. She moved to the Big Barn Ranch in Stockton and started giving people lessons there. She was to have had a foal, but this didn’t work out.

Sage will sail anyone anywhere.  You can ride her bridleless, with a carrot stick, with a bridle and with rope halter.  You can ride her bareback or with saddle.  You’ll stick on her because she is smooth.

She is classified as a beginner beginner’s horse up to advanced.  You can put kids as well as a husband on her and they will be safe.  There’s nothing in Sage’s body that will cause fear in an unconfident rider. Sage is the perfect horse for the phrase:  Riders Teach Horses,  Horses Teach riders (she’s the “Horses Teach Riders” part.

 I need Sage to have the best of a new home with a job.

Sage is a registered Missouri Fox Trotter. She is for sale for $1750. 

She is ready for her perfect partner to discover her.

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