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Sage - Trail Ride 2008

Sage the Brave ready to be saddled for a trail ride.  She’s a sturdy girl. My son will ride her on this day.

Sage and Rachel - Love Riding Bareback

Here’s Rachel’s favorite horse, Sage. Rachel leased Sage during the summers at Pine Dell.  They both had a great great time!

On the Trail - 2008 trail ride

Sage's foal

Sage takes care of all the young horses and the horses that need a friend. She is the dominant horse who takes in those in need.  She’s a great friend and protector to many many a horse. She’s a great mommy.

Nathan and Sage wait for rider to mount - Susan and JR

 Sage the Brave is what she earned as a nickname.  Sage and I passed the original Level 2 in the Parelli Levels Program.  It had many many difficult tasks in liberty, online, freestyle and refinement.  The most difficult task for us was four flying lead changes…two each direction.  Sage did it and we passed!  She was the first fox trotter to pass the original level 2 test.

We studied with Linda Parelli in the early years at Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We took a level 2 course with Linda Parelli as our instructor. Wowsa on this!

Sage -Level 2 with Linda Parelli - Colorado

This is what Sage looked like as a three year old. We went to Pagosa Springs to study with Linda Parelli. We took a level 2 course with Linda Parelli.  What times we had!  I’m thinking this is the ISC in 1996.  It’s changed a lot since then. Sparkles is in the pen next to us.  Sparkles is forever owned by our dear friend, Lanie who has now graduated to horseman’s heaven.

I have more pictures of Sage and our times on an old web page. SusanFxtrt

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