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PostHeaderIcon Wanted: Free Temp Southern Home

I’m advertising for a free place to live for two humans, two dogs, and five horses in Dallas or the Atlanta area.  I should be able to get a hardship winter transfer from work.  This would just be temporary.  All the above predature and prey animals would be there and boom be gone in the Missouri spring!  You would hardly get to know we were there.

If you know of such a place, my household can be there in less than a month!

This morning the water pump in the barn froze and I wasn’t able to get water in the horse’s buckets. I hooked up a heat lamp for the pump. Later that morning, the spouse wasn’t able to get that pump to move either.
I came home early afternoon to much warmer weather. I was prepared to carry water from another pump or the house until I died. 

 Halleluah The pumped worked!

Thank GOD!  I didn’t have to carry water in 8″ snowdrifts till I died. 

I am old enough to die of a bucket-carrying attack.

I got water in all the heated buckets.  About 5 minutes after that, I watched Velvet standing on the edge of the lake pawing a hole in the ice.   She drank the lake water.  The “Princess of the Pasture” isn’t supposed to be doing that! She was in the barn when I got water into the buckets. Lordy!

Please find me a free temporary home in Atlanta or Dallas….

PostHeaderIcon National Missouri Fox Trotter Official Blogger

Have I mentioned that I got to be one of the official bloggers during the 2010 Missouri Fox Trotter World Celebration show

Official Blogger

I’m sorry if I did mention it before.  On the other hand, it’s winter now and you might have time to read my official blog stories.

I represented the versatility events.

After you have spent a little more than a week in the high energy World Celebration, you manage to make it home and then you are trashed for at least a week.

Not only does this event use up all your physical energy, it uses up all your emotional energy.  If I had any other kind of energy, it would use that up too.

We have a Versatility Family in our versatility arena.  You never forget that bond.  You might forget experiences here and there, but you never forget the bonding experience.

Think about taking a fox trotter to the 2011 Missouri World Celebration.  Or think about coming just to watch me in the 2011 events.  Or think about being part of the family as we watch all of us participate in all the versatility events.


Pleasure, Trail, Ranch horse, Working Cow, Jumping, English…it’s all there!


Just Wanna Have FUN!

Remember when you were excited about the snow.  It was during the time we called childhood. Remember childhood and snowsuits?  Dogs still have fun in the snow and it is fun to watch them.

Maybe grandchildren can make you excited about snow again, but I have my doubts.

Horses seemed to be doing well with their wet backs and frozen manes and tails.

Living on a long dead end gravel road has made me scared of snow.  One year we got a car and two tractors stuck trying to get out of our road.  Last year we were snowbound for two days and it felt like being born again when we got out.  The city snow truck was stuck on our road for over an hour. When the weather turned decent, we got new gravel in the bad stuck place.  That bad place is still doing good this year.

Today was a low-nervous snow day.  It didn’t look that bad. We guessed four inches of non-blowing snow.  Non-blowing is an important word.  It’s the opposite of the evil drifting word. Drifting is a bad word in my world in the winter.

The dogs, Justine and Heidi, had a fun time of it.  The horses have round baled hay to eat.  I can make it to the barn and get them water. Plus, they have a stock tank filled with noxious water, but at least it’s melted.

I need to get that stock tank emptied when the weather gets decent and fill it up again with good water.

OK!  I’m excited about the snow.  I just managed to drive out and get to the Subway!  SAVED!

I just can’t find that fun excitement about snow in me anymore.

PostHeaderIcon REST in Peace, Lena vom Weissen Haus

She was twelve years old when she left Terry and I.  Lena leaves a lot of sons and daughters to bring joy to their owners. She leaves us grieving for her and abundent with rich memories of her life with us.

Terry and I were gifted with Lena when she was seven years old. She was at the end of her life as a breeding dog.  My good friend, Teresa Osborn, gave Lena to us. Lena lived out the rest of  her years as a two dog family with many acres to roam.

A dog that melted your heart


Lena was aptly named.  She came over to you hoping to be petted. When you started to pet her, she leaned into you. She loved the company of humans.  Lena only knew the best of humans.  Her life was filled with love from her puppy years, as a kennel dog and as an inside house dog with her family.

Lena died of cancer.  It had filled her stomach and her liver.  Lena left this world peacefully with her head on my foot with me sitting on the floor beside her, petting her.

She gave her heart to us and we experienced an obediant, well trained loving German Shepherd dog.  What an experience that has been.

I told Lena to come back to me when she was ready.  I’ll let you know when she shows up again at Hidden Paradise Ranch.


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