PostHeaderIcon Hitting the Fine Outdoor World with Sage

Sage and I -Fall 2011

I’m hitting on 7 out of 8 days riding Sage.  I’ve been riding around my neighbors turf farm.  It is beautiful.  He’s not selling any turf these days, so he’s not concerned at all about me making horse tracks thru the unfertilized sad bluegrass.

Sage really likes it when we stop and rest when we find a patch of clover or blue grass for her to eat.

On the other side of the turf farm towards town is the Skate Park.  Not skating like we used to do in the 50′s and 60′s.  It’s a skateboard park.  It’s made of metal shape things and concrete.  I’ve only seen an ambulance there once.  I still can’t believe that they don’t carry someone out of there daily with broken parts.  Kids use their skateboards and their little bikes on the metal ramps.  Tonight there were no skateboarders and Sage and I went close to the park.

The only thing that irritated Sage and I tonight was the small one passenger mosquito of an airplane buzzing overhead.  I decided not to look up and wave. Dratted thing flew right over our head.  It’s a good thing Sage has been desensitized for years to loud things in the sky!

Heidi came along for the ride to the skateboard park. Sage and I visited other places and when I got home, I had no Heidi.  As I came into the house, Terry was just finishing a phone call.  He told me, “Go get Heidi. She’s at the Skateboard Park” . The dog just wants to have fun!  Luckily, we have thwarted her fun with her name tag and our phone numbers on it.  whew

Weather is perfect.  I can’t believe we deserve this weather.  Usually, it’s way way too hot or way way too cold. Somehow, I am undeserving of such perfect weather.

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