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Sage by susanfxtrt
Sage, a photo by susanfxtrt on Flickr.


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Tests came back to show that Sage has a slight staph infection where the sperm and the egg would meet.  We missed the heat cycle to treat her. Today, we (the vet) gave Sage a shot to bring her into heat.  For us women, that would be like  shot to start our menstruel cycle, something no man would be brave enough to do.

Can you imagine a human man taking a syringe, plunging into his wife’s arm while saying, “Honey, I enjoy so much when you are going thru your cycle!”  Probably less than 5 minutes the man would be dead with a butcher knife stuck in his back.

Poor Sage, she had no choice.  On the other hand, she begs to have babies.  She did not get pregnant two years in a row. She is the essential mother earth of foals. Sage mothers those in the herd that need it and her own baby.

So, we wait till Thursday and start treating her with drugs to clear up the staph infection. The next heat after this will be the one that JJ is waiting for!

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About Sage:  The lab report came back about Sage. She has mild staph infection inside where the egg meets the sperm. We’re about a week or so past when she was to come into heat  (ovulation).  Tomorrow morning the vet is going to give her a shot which will cause her to come into heat. Then we will treat her with medicine to cure the staph infection.  Her next regular heat (three weeks from now) is when we will try the real deal and let her have her way with JJ, the stallion.  He’s been writing and Sage has been ignoring him. She has a nice gelding in the next door pasture that thinks he’s a stallion and makes Sage think that too.

I’m starting the HGC diet today. When I first ordered the “drops”, it took some complaining for the owner to find out that the labels and manufacturing had gone astray.  I ordered the HGC on 10/2/11 and just got them today.  The first two days are “eat everything you want” and high fat days. That’s so these drops can learn to motivate my body to find and destroy fat.  I’m helping train my body.

So today, I had the bottle of drops in my coat pocket.  I leaned over and the bottle fell out and broke on the floor.  I salvaged some of it.  It was an expensive bottle and I had squirted only 20 drops into my body for the Friday fat training exercise.  Cry

We learned that WalMart carries HGC, so I stopped by WalMart to get another bottle until the proven stuff comes.  Who knows if the WalMart brand works or not and WalMart doesn’t give advice.

My favorite blog is the Pioneer Woman. She talks about cooking a lot out on that Oklahoma Cattle Ranch.  Last year my new neighbor and I were getting to know each other. She asked me what my favorite food was to fix at night.  I enthusiastically told her Cheerios with bananas. She sort of curled up her lip and slowly told me her favorite food to cook at night was grilled port chops.  oh..

Back to today.  I need to fix myself 500 calories of food a day and some of that is protein and vegetables. The instructions talk about getting a George Foreman (GF) grill.  Jenny and Tony have a GF grill and love it.  It also helped Jenny a lot when she went on her HGC diet.

So, I bought a $17 GF grill tonight while I was in WalMart.  I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches. These grills are slanted so that the fat drains out of the grill and they have a little tray for the fat.  I thought, I won’t need that little tray for grilled cheese sandwiches.  It took  two grilled cheese sandwiches before I realized that the butter was draining out and making a butter puddle on the counter.

The grilled cheese sandwiches were wonderful. Even Terry loved his sandwich. I didn’t take a picture of the really cool grilled cheese sandwich because they were devoured before I even thought about my new cooking blog.  I’m new at cooking blogs!

Stay tuned for more exciting cooking experiences for you to learn from.

Tomorrow is a Cow Round Up day.  Sage and Velvet are going so Hope and I might live through this.


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