PostHeaderIcon Sage Baby Progress

Tests came back to show that Sage has a slight staph infection where the sperm and the egg would meet.  We missed the heat cycle to treat her. Today, we (the vet) gave Sage a shot to bring her into heat.  For us women, that would be like  shot to start our menstruel cycle, something no man would be brave enough to do.

Can you imagine a human man taking a syringe, plunging into his wife’s arm while saying, “Honey, I enjoy so much when you are going thru your cycle!”  Probably less than 5 minutes the man would be dead with a butcher knife stuck in his back.

Poor Sage, she had no choice.  On the other hand, she begs to have babies.  She did not get pregnant two years in a row. She is the essential mother earth of foals. Sage mothers those in the herd that need it and her own baby.

So, we wait till Thursday and start treating her with drugs to clear up the staph infection. The next heat after this will be the one that JJ is waiting for!

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