PostHeaderIcon Love and Separation – the Lucky Star Story

Last time I told you how Lucky Star fell in love with Dazzle. He was smitten by her. Dazzle is a beautiful dapple bucksking mare with blaze, white foot and foot long eyelashes.  Turns out, Dazzle was smitten by Lucky Star too.  They became a couple.  Unfortunately, Lucky Star and Dazzle are rather bossy horses.

They decided to keep the round bale to themselves. They decided not to let the other horses in their pasture eat the round bale.  Lilly, Cappy, and Outlaw were looking longingly at the hay. They snatched some hay now and then when Dazzle and Lucky were moving around away from the bale.

When Lucky Star left the pasture for training with Jenny, Dazzle was upset. When Dazzle left the pasture for training with Jenny, Lucky Star was upset.

Jenny was upset too.

Lucky Star is now a big herd pasture horse.  He is now pastured with the main herd on the 40 acres.  He’s making it his business now to see how each horse’s training is coming along.  If training is done with another horse on the obstacle course , Lucky is there to monitor.

Another gelding, Caddy, was also let out into the pasture herd.  Neither Lucky Star or Caddy were fully accepted by the herd at first.  But Lucky wanted to make certain that Caddy wouldn’t make friends with the herd.  So when Caddy was getting too close to the herd, Lucky Star would come and drive Caddy away.

What a funny horse he is!

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