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Lucky Star by susanfxtrt

On a visit to For the Horse Ranch, I got to see Jenny ride Lucky Star. He’s an ideal horse for me. He would rather stop than go. When he does go, it’s very very smooth.
I got to see him spook a couple of times. Once, he just froze and looked at the scary monster. The other time, he crouched down with his hind legs and then scooted about 8 steps. There was never any suspension in the scoot.
It’s often suspension that gets the rider off. My horse can spook and take me right along with him close to the ground. Horses that leap straight up into the air and sideways are where I get ejected from the saddle.
Lucky Star has no suspension in his short spooks.

Another wonderful aspect of his personality as he goes thru is training is no bucking, no kicking and no biting.  Lucky Star is sometimes adamant about not yielding to pressure.  As higher phases of forced are applied, he doesn’t get mad. The most he has ever done is pin his ears.

What a wonderful riding companion and show horse he is going to be!

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