PostHeaderIcon Lucky Star’s New Show Outfit

photo.JPG by susanfxtrt
photo.JPG, a photo by susanfxtrt on Flickr.

Lucky Star will attract a lot of attention in this outfit!

I can not go to any more Horse Festivals or places where horse vendors hang out.  The owner of the booth where I got this vest clapped this hat on my head and made me look in the mirror. Then he made me buy the hat because the entire outfit is so cool that I would have died not to walk away looking like this.

This is what I looked like at Horse Fest in Wichita.  I’m certain nearly everyone in attendance noticed me. Thankfully, I didn’t stumble into a manure pit or anything else embarrasing, so the attention is always good.

Lucky Star has not seen his new outfit yet.  His new outfit has been placed under lock and key in the homestead.  It will be worn at a horse show.  Maybe more than one horse shows! We’ll see how Lucky Star feels about it.

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