PostHeaderIcon The Words I’ve Been Waiting to Hear!

“Lucky Star might be ready for you to ride the next time you come down to the ranch”

I was chatting with Jenny today on the phone. She threw that gold nugget into the conversation when I had paused to take a breath.

What!  I repeated these exact words to her to make certain she had said them outloud.  ”Yes,” she said. “Those are the words that I said.”  I repeated them again just to make certain I had all the words in order and had not left any out.  Yes, she said. That’s what I said.

These are the words in my book.  I heard these same words when I started my adult journey with horses.  I was not pleased to hear these words when Sage was ready for me to ride.  Sage and I had parted company with me ending up on the cold hard ground.  I found Jenny and Pine Dell Farm.  I started taking lessons on a lesson horse.  My confidence gradually came back, but getting on Sage was a different story. I was scared to death when I heard those words.

I heard these words when Velvet was ready to ride. “Velvet is ready for you to ride now.”  By this time, I was happy to hear those words and Velvet and I took off like a rocket in astronaut heaven.

After years with Velvet and Sage, I decided I needed another horse that had the athletic ability to easily do flying lead changes.  I bought JR from Bob Blackwell when he was three days old.  His sire and damn could do flying lead changes.  It takes a few years to get a three day old foal up to the point of being ridden, much less cantering and doing flying lead changes.

So Jenny started JR and I got to hear those same words.  ”JR is ready for you to ride now.”  JR and I took off in horse heaven and we stayed in horse heaven for about seven years.  We did get a few flying lead changes.  He’s now doing flying lead changes with another owner in my horse world.  He’s an amazing horse.

With Nova I decided that she would be my dream horse. She had to take six months off for a knee injury and then only developed after we had her treated at by a master chiropractor.  Then she and Jenny sailed off to horse show wondersJenny took her to Level 3 and showed her at the Celebration. .  After the Celebration, it was me that decided:  ”Susan, Nova is ready for you to ride. She is your dream horse.”

How many horses is that?  I’m hearing the magic again.  I’m going to go through the process. “Susan, Lucky Star might be ready for you to ride the next time you come down.”

Yee Haw!!!

I don’t know whether or not this video will work.  It’s Tony riding the wonderful Lucky Star.  We’ll get it on Youtube in a few days.

3 Responses to “The Words I’ve Been Waiting to Hear!”

  • Pam says:


    I am looking forward to seeing you and Lucky Star riding this year. He is such a doll and loves people. I watched him with Tony the other day and he is coming along nicely.

    See you soon.

    • Susan says:

      Pray for a sun and no rain the last weekend of February. That’s when I’m coming down for certain!

  • Sue Mcgarry says:

    I know the fear of riding feeling. The scars on my arms mark the incident.
    The next time I got up on Charlie, (after months of healing). I make Ralph hold the horse. I was shaking so bad I could not get my brain to unfreeze my body.
    Tony & Paula Crump helped me regain my confidence. It took time.