PostHeaderIcon Do I Look Over 60!

Finally the stars aligned in the sky and I was able to ride with a friend at Holden Lake Park.  Turns out, it’s easy to find, pretty flat and beautiful.  It’s only fifteen miles from where I live.

Velvet and I had arrived earlier and were saddled and ready to go.  My friend pulled up and was busy getting her horse ready to ride.  Velvet was ready to ride and I was standing beside the little gravel road in the park. A car pulls up and stops beside me.  A nice woman was driving and looked like her husband in the passenger seat.  I always expect people to stop and marvel over how beautiful Velvet is.

Instead she asks me, nicely, “Do you have a permit to ride  here”  I stuttered somewhat and said no. She started talking about permits and where to buy them…something about across from the liquor store downtown.  I missed all that.  Then I could tell she was going to ask my age.

I was ready to tell her I was fifteen.  I figure that young minors get to ride free.  Instead, she said, Oh, You’re over 60 aren’t you and permits are free for you.”

I never got a chance to tell her I was fifteen.  Because we are talking about saving money, I told the truth and agreed with being over 60.

How did she know that?

Do I look like I’m over 60?

Good GAD!

She and her husband are on the water board and the riding permit money is used for keeping up this nice park.  I’m in favor of paying $10 to help keep this great riding park maintained, even though I am over the cutoff age.

But really!

After she left, my young friend  came out of her trailer.  She has ridden at the park for years and has heard that permits might be needed to ride.  Never in all her rides at this park has she been approached about a permit.

Why Me?  Do I really look like I’m over 60?

PS: Velvet and her half sister, Emmy were on the trail ride. They share the same sire, Italian Stallion.  No one was on the trail to take a picture of the two black half sisters.  I should have asked the woman water board person to take our picture.  ha!

2 Responses to “Do I Look Over 60!”

  • Anita Rolfe says:

    Susan——–You are the loveliest woman I know that is 60 or over or any age–send me that woman’s name and I’ll send her a “nice” reply!!!!!!! HOW OLD DID SHE LOOK? Some people should stay off the trails!!!

    P.S.–Would be good to see you again some day—love all that you accomplish–give Velvet a big hug for me–I shall always love that horse!


    • Susan says:

      I think she was over 50!
      I’ll be down at Ava for the Spring Show! Velvet will be there and want her hug from you in person.
      Love you most.