PostHeaderIcon Lucky Star and Susan First Ride

We had a five day Natural Solutions Horse Camp with Tony and Jenny Vaught on 3/26 thru 3/30.  We did groundskill tasks in the morning and in the afternoon, we were ready to ride. Gulp.  Although I wasn’t nervous about riding Lucky Star for the first time, I was nervous.  There was nothing to worry about, but it was my first time to ride him.  I just wanted to get the first ride started and feel comfortable. After I get that “comfortable feeling” on a new horse, I’m ready to ride.

An uncomfortable feeling would be to feel the horse’s nervousness or sudden bursts of unasked for movement.  I knew Lucky Star is a low-key, calm horse that doesn’t particularly care to move unless it’s his idea.

I saddled him up.  Thankfully, I had purchased a shorter length girth, but it was very close to being to big for him.  Lucky Star needs a 28″ girth. The 30″ girth almost touches the saddle in length.  eeek

Jenny came over and hopped on Lucky Star.  That always makes me feel much better.  He’s relaxed, calm and moves slowly when asked. That was delightful to watch.

I got on him and sat for a few seconds. We slowly walked off.  It took me about 30 seconds to get comfortable and then I asked for speed. We went right up into a flat foot walk and a fox trot.

ooooo  What a wondrous time was the first ride day.

Lucky’s lack of impulsion made me a very confident and brave rider!  I love those Missouri Fox Trotter left-brain introverted horses!  This is my fourth – Sage, Velvet and JR being the first three.

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