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Savvy means talent, mastery, skill, knack, understanding, clever, quick, etc.  You learn  “Savvy” when you are student with Tony and Jennifer Vaught.

Savvy is a lifelong pursuit. Savvy is your horse journey.

OnLine- Handler plays with horse on various lengths of line from 12′ to 45′ and teaches them extraoridinary maneuvers.  The Spanish Riding School believes that true respect and teaching begins on the ground. This is where extraordinary results begin.

At Liberty – The line is removed and horses and humans relate with no strings attached.  Students learn how to teach their horses to follow them, connect mentally rather than just physically throught a lead rope, to circle, do lead changes, run to them.

FreeStyle – Riding with loose reins, one rein or no reins…completely bridleless! FreeStyle riding goes against most traditional forms of riding, yet it’s one of the simplest ways for developing your independent seat, feel, timing and balance. The horse learns self-carriage, impulsion, to watch were he’s going and not to change gaits or directions until asked.  Horses and riders are trasnsformed through FeeStyle riding and from a spectators point of view, it’s one of the most exciting to watch.

Finesse -To ride with finesse, refinement, grace, imperceptible aids, vertical flexion, engagement and precision is a great art that very few achieve properly.  Horse and people learn how to do this naturally, at the right time of development without force or artificial aids.  It’s so refreshing to see flyind flying changes without swishing tails or grinding jaws.  True collection is achieved only when respect, impulsion and flexion are properly combined.

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