PostHeaderIcon Who Needs a Young Snorty Green Horse?!

Velvet was a been-there-done-that snorty horse today.  You know that long rumble snort that could mean, “I’m getting ready to take the saddle and sky rocket to another universe” snort.

I don’t remember Velvet snort-rumbling in a long time.  Then she became a show horse and arched her neck.  Oh, I bet she and I were a gorgeous sight.

The cause – two adorable mini horses running in a pasture. Velvet and I were out alone at Pine Dell and we decided to take a stroll off the property.  What cute horses they were!

I decided to become patient and let Velvet stare at the mini ponies as long as she wanted.  It took her a long while to stare at them.  Of course that drove one of them wild.  He wanted Velvet.  Velvet wasn’t certain just what he was.  We stood and watched for a long time. We were even standing on a patch of grass and Velvet didn’t offer to eat any grass. She wasn’t about to lower that head!

Who needs a young green horse when you can experience nearly the same on the been there done that horse.  Except, I know that Velvet would never bolt, buck, kick out or rear.

There’s a difference!

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