PostHeaderIcon Everything I Hate about Horse Shows

Everything I hate about horse shows is the making-the-horse- pretty part.  My love of grooming, clipping and bathing is a triple infinity negative.

Lucky Star is extremely protective about his ears.  Clipping his ears just didn’t work well with the clipper.  We had an evening long disagreement about the scissor noise next to his ear.  Guess what Lucky Star and I are going to do during the May 2012 week-long Natural Solutions Horse Camp with Tony and Jenny Vaught.  Yep, we’ll be working on clipping his ears, using natural solutions to get him over his fear and hatred.

Our evening long  clipping disagreement made Lucky Star a little sweaty.  He enjoyed the “mist” setting on my new hose head. What the heck is the real name of hose head…the shower thing.

Fox Trotter Performance classes have horses with beautiful ribbons.  I hate the attaching the ribbon to the horse part.  I had to braid a little portion of his mane so I can attach a ribbon to it. That’s when the boating people decided to get out and load their boat on their trailer.  That was a distraction and Lucky Star wanted to move his head when both my hands were trying to braid.  I can do a fine job of dismal braiding when the horse stands still.  Lucky Star’s show braid is less than dismal.  What is a word that means “less than dismal”?

Friday evening and I have yet to wash and oil the saddle and bridle.  Manual heavy labor. yecchy greasy hands.

Being in the horse show is fun. Preparing the horse’s development for the horse shows is what I love most to do.  I just hate the pretty part.

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