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Lucky Star is at his owner’s farm. There is magic pixie dust in their large arena.
This pixie dust will help set Lucky’s flat foot walk and fox trot. Magic Pixie Dust and some coaching from Lucky’s learned owner, Teresa Osborn, will help us find true the groove.

Lucky got to return to his pasture with his horse herd. You know Lucky has a low impulsion drive (that I love). He can be indifferent to requests to move his body. When a dominant mate named Sassy asks you to move, you should immediately comply. I have started carrying a healing ointment for Lucky. He’s got a big bite mark on his neck.  And she is his full sister too!  It’s very evident that Sassy is in charge of the pasture.

Tonight was a big night in our relationship. Lucky Star did not argue with me! He had been lifting his head and pushing out his nose in a teenager kind of  “talk-back” , “I’m doing what you want,but I’m sneering at you.”

The sneering stopped. Was it the Saturday wonderful Groundskills Clinic and coaching from Tony Vaught? What you do on the ground translates up!  We had really improved the quality of my requests to ask Lucky Star to move.

Lucky Star is DEVELOPING!!
It’s a wonderful experience to bring a brave little horse along a path to realizing all his great potential!

Yee Haw

PS:  Pixie dust looks a lot like sand!

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