PostHeaderIcon Flying NO-STOP Wedge

Once again on a trail ride at James A Reed park,  I yelled multiple times, STOP, STOP STOP.  This time Hope yelled STOP also. She also yelled “Young Horse”. We both put our hand in the air in the universal STOP language.

Here’s how it went late this afternoon.

I was riding Lucky Star and Hope was riding Chip.  Lucky Star was in the lead and we were walking over a storm pipe.  It’s dirt where the horses walk, but the pipe is visible on both sides.  There is thick forest and gunk on each side.  It’s the breeding place of monster evil lizards or something primeval. It’s a narrow place, not wide enough for two horses.  Usually something like this is scary to horses new to the trail.  Lucky Star was walking over it fine.

and then…

around the corner popping out of  trees, came a flying wedge of six or seven riders and horses going very fast in a speedy running walk.  The horses were TWH’s and they were all going the same speed, about two or three horses side by side and packed together in a herd.

They were headed right towards Lucky Star.  Horses are generally on high alert ready to bolt when something is running at them out of the woods.  Lucky Star was on high alert.  He didn’t offer to move.  He didn’t back up.  He didn’t offer to spin and fall into the ditch.  He didn’t offer anything except high head alert.

Finally the riders stopped their horses.  We can’t figure out why they didn’t stop when first asked.  Plus what were they planning on doing to Lucky Star and I on the storm pipe crossing, just run us over? Good GAD!

Of course Hope is always nice.  I pretended to be nice and we chatted with the group for a second or two.  Lucky Star wouldn’t go forward.  Then I asked him to back and he did that. We backed off the crossing and they were able to file single file past us.  Good LORD!

I am thankful to be riding such a confident horse as Lucky Star.  He saved my life today by remaining left-brained.

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