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I was so happy to have a left brain introvert. Introverts don’t move their feet. Their mouth generally doesn’t grab stuff and play with it. Their lips stay right in their head which doesn’t move. Extroverts move their feet and their lips play with anything they can find. They constantly demand your attention.

Since Lucky Star proved immensely difficult to move his feet per a human request, he was diagnosed as introvert. Turns out he’s an extreme willful dominant horse who cared little what pressure was put on him to move his feet. Lucky Star willingly follows your request only if he likes you. I’m not saying that he will try his little heart out if he loves you, but it will come to that later in the year for Lucky and I.

After two months of training with Tony and Jenny, Lucky Star started to move his feet. Tony had some fun with him on the 60-90 day period. When I started riding him, his feet were stuck to the ground. He improved greatly every time I rode him. I had to bond with Lucky and prove my love and leadership to him. His feet started obeying my feel better and better as did his impulsion.

He’s moving his feet and his lips are starting to pick up anything within reach. His nose nearly always beats my hand to the gate, bridle, halter, carrot stick etc.

Jenny diagnosed him as a left brain extrovert. He was a left brain extrovert in disguise!

I left the left brain extrovert with Tony and Jenny for a week of expert attention. Five days with them is like 5 months of progress with me.

Yee Haw for Lucky Star!


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