PostHeaderIcon Memorial Day Ride


Lucky Star and I went on a trail ride today with Hope and Jazz. We got to the park at 9:00 and there were several riding groups that had the same idea.

We had a great ride. After staying a week at For The Horse Ranch with Tony and Jenny Vaught, Lucky Star was in best gait form ever.

Lucky gave me the longest, nicest flat foot walk ever. Ah, sigh. How nice is that 4 best rhythmic beat.

He gave me some long stretches of fox trot too. I love that.

The best was a long distance canter. I asked him to canter on a portion of the trail I call “canter hill”. Lucky gave me a canter and kept his legs at the canter. While we were cantering, he stayed nice and relaxed. I love horses that stay easy going when cantering. My fear comes up when horse’s start cantering and accelerate into a gallop. I’m so glad to discover Lucky Star isn’t an “accelerated” horse.

I rubbed him and told Lucky he was great! Not long after that, I asked and got another long canter. It was a great ride!

Lucky and I have three months till the September World Celebration. We are going to start training in an arena.

Here’s a picture of Hope and Jazz. Lucky Star and I were riding in a green sea when I took this picture.


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