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My 1996 steel horse trailer roof has been calked and recalked to stop the leaks. The roof was moldy and rusty. The side windows had to be held shut with duct tape.
Now I have a bright shiny new roof that is guaranteed not to leak for 50 years. The cost for this trailer was $624.  Comparing $624 against the cost of purchasing a used trailer with a no rust roof… well, there is no comparison!

Plus they fixed my windows and added grab bars. No longer am I wondering when to sell it for scrap and borrow money for another trailer!
GACO was developed by NASA to cost space shuttle rockets. Now GACO coats roofs and makes them waterproof for 50 years! Plus it reflects heat. Structures coated with GACO don’t feel like an oven. This is especially wonderful for horses traveling in a horse trailer in the summer. There is a huge difference in my trailer from before to after.
Besides the roof, fixed my windows that has to be duct taped shut and installed grab bars. I’m so happy with my trailer!
I paid $500 to paint my smaller trailer roof three years ago. The seams are starting to rust out again. I’m going to pay $495 to cover it with GACO for 50 years of no rust!!  I’m so excited about this product for the use on horse trailers.

If your trailer is starting to have rusty roof, contact 866-333-1410.  They are a very personable and hard-working company.  You’ll have a great experience, just like mine!


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