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Lucky Star and I came roaring into Pine Dell Farm at our customary 3 mph jet speed.  We were late for the Wed nite lesson.  The horses and riders were coming from the great outdoor playground to the arena.  We pulled in and Karen said that Lucky and I might want to warm up in the playground.

We did warm up.  Yesterday’s Rocket-Man was gone and the obediant Lucky Star took the spotlight.  Lucky Star is not fully obediant yet, but he was good, darned good.

We strolled down, got the saddle on and went into the arena. The lesson was in progress.  Horses were trotting around the arena.  We made it to mounting block and I got on. Everything was in good shape and I told Lucky Star to join the trotting.  Zip, off we went.  It takes a good calm horse to get right into an ongoing lesson, for sure! I was rightly proud of my boy.

Then came the Musical Barrel Game.  We have barrels in the middle,  Karen puts a handfull of sweet feed on the barrels.  We ride on the rail until the music stops, and we find a barrel.  At this time, we are riding with loose reins and using only the carrot stick to guide the horse.  Lucky Star and I were doing fine.

The problem came on the 2nd time to play the game.  Lucky Star saw Karen go down the barrel row with sweet feed.  Lucky Star’s head came up and his total being was focused on “the barrels”. The barrel with sweet feed!  Prancing Dancing Rocket Man returned.  PDR-Man and I had a few words and I had given up the loose reins for sure!  When we came close to the barrel he owned for the first round of sweet feed musical barrels, we had a balking argument.  Lucky Star did not want to pass the barrel with food and I did.

I won.  When the music ended, Lucky Star was given the signal to rush to “his barrel”.  He rushed to the barrel, got one lick of food and knocked over the barrel. All his sweet feed was thrown on the arena ground.  Lucky Star and I had a chat about barrel technique. I explained the concept of stopping when arriving at the barrel.

The game starts again. We have our argument when Lucky Star sees Karen put the sweet feed on the barrel.  I win the balking contest. The music stops and Lucky rushes to the barrel to eat all his food.  Now we are starting the elimination musical barrel game.  Everything repeats, with one less barrel than horse and rider.  Lucky Star makes it to a barrel.  Four more times, we win a barrel. We are a TEAM!  It’s down to Roger and I.  Our horses are nearly the same color and hugely determined to win the barrel.  Music is playing and a dratted tick must have moved up Lucky’s leg. We screeched to an unwelcome halt and tried to kill the tick.  Unfortunately, the music ended and Roger won the barrel.  Huh! Was Lucky’s reaction. Lucky Star cursed the tick.

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