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Lucky Star, the non-moving horse, peeled another layer off his personality today.   Let’s laugh at the original concept of the horse that won’t move.

Lucky Star knows his good Arabian friend, aMuir, is at Pine Dell. Lucky Star pulled into Pine Dell in his trailer.  AMuir must remember our trailer. Lucky Star was in the beginning stage of our ride, when we heard a nicker from the pasture horses. I suspect it was aMuir. AMuir lived at our house for a while and he and Lucky became best of friends geldings.  Lucky got really excited on hearing aMuir. We were working thru Lucky’s excited nickering about aMuir when a paint horse and owner appeared outside the arena. Lucky went into excitement overload. His emotion and body language sailed up onto the Susan red zone.

“Get Off!” my brain screamed!

I got  off and Lucky Star immediately pretended to be his non-moving calm self. We journeyed out of the arena to get his halter on.
We sauntered back into the arena. I asked him to circle around me. Rocket-Man appeared.  Lucky wanted to turn into a non-bucking rocket jet
I took off his halter and watch in total amazement as he took off and galloped around the arena.   Now I’ve seen Lucky Star gallop before, but not anything like this.

And he galloped and galloped.  He ran over to the paint horse and owner and terrified them.  He took off again and galloped around the arena several times.  When he slowed down and came to a stop, it was nothing to get him started going again.

After about 4-5 gallops around the large arena, he looked at me and galloped to me. Thankfully, he stopped right in front of me. He’s got a good stop on him!  I petted him for a while and he was happy.

Then he got agitated again and took off for another 3-4 galloping trips around the arena.

Never have I seen Lucky Star gallop this fast and this long.

I was really thankfull that I had dismounted.  Lucky Star was not a horse I wanted to ride with his exhuberant galloping self.

Lucky Star galloped to me again.  I put on his halter and we went out to run about the obstacle course at Pine Dell.  He had quite a bit of exercise when we were done for the day.

Wonder what horse will show up on Wednesday when I ride. Remind me to never think of Lucky Star as a no-go horse who needs just a few minutes of warm up.

Lucky Star is owned by Stoneridge Farm /  Stonridge Farm

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