PostHeaderIcon On the Cusp

I told you Lucky Star was moving to left brain extrovert!  Actually, it was Jenny that told me and I passed it along to Lucky Star’s fan club.

I took the Horse and Human “ality” match test early this week after listening to Dr. Patrick Handley’s lecture about personalities last Saturday.  I really wanted to find out who was living in my body, and thought it would be fun to see where Lucky Star appears on the chart.

Lucky Star is still in the left brain introvert quadrant, but he’s so close to being an extrovert, he’s been determined to be a cusp horse.  Crossing over into extrovert just entails a few more changed answers. Then he’ll be a cusp left brain extrovert…just on the other edge.

Dr. Handley said that your personality is affected by your environment.  Lucky Star might be a left brain extrovert out on a trail ride and a left brain introvert in a boring arena.  It’s just up to me to make arena’s fun extrovert kind of happenings.

Find out who you are and who your horse is via Horsenality/Humanality.  No matter who you are, you’re going to be right proud of yourself and your horse!

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