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I’m not saying this for anyone to know. Keep this away from prying ears. No one needs to know I haven’t ride Lucky Star in two weeks. Most of last week I was watching Nova and Velvet at the National Spring Fix Trotter show with Tony Vaught and Nichole riding. I did ride Velvet twice. So it’s not like my cheek riding calluses got soft.

This week I’ve been pretending to be exhausted from last week. I perked up by Wednesday. I worked on editing my book instead of riding.

Tonight I took Lucky Star to the park. During our warm up, he voluntarily cantered. Good Gad! Lucky has spirit!

We warmed up until Lucky Star looked like a horse I wanted to ride.

I took him to the loading dock to get on. He thought I wanted him to jump up on the loading dock and he did.

Finally I got mounted and he still was filled with unLucky like spirit. I even heard a soft snort come out of his nose. Never has Lucky Star snorted.

His head was up as we walked beside the corn which has grown 2 feet since we were last there. Yummy!

Lucky Star semi relaxed and do did I. Hope and I were able to tell our stories. A long time had passed and Hope had gone out into the horse world without me and vice versa!

We came to one of the big lakes with a parking lot for hikers and fishers. A little yappy dog in a truck yapped at us. He didn’t have anything else to do. Lucky Star’s spirit came up again and we were unable to walk by the yappy dog. We froze. Hope turned around and started lecturing the yappy dog. Yappy ignored her. Lucky Star decided he could go way around the other side of the truck. Then a walker guy with a big stick got out of his car, right in front of Lucky. Yappy dog and stick guy, what is a spirited horse to do? Lucky Star froze again, head up, staring.

Hope and Jazz came close to us and provided a security blanket for Lucky. We rolled across the big dam. As we started up the hill, Lucky Star became a prancy dancer. I was certain he was being attacked by unvisible biting nasty flies.
I did think I heard a voice from behind, but was too busy trying calm Lucky down. Finally Hope turned around and exclaimed. There was a bicycle rider right behind us. I turned Lucky Star around to face him. The bike rider kept coming slowly. Lucky Star was prancing backwards and again to a bike rider, I yelled Stop three times before he came to a halt.

Hope and I now think these people must think Im yelling Stop at my horse instead of them.
This was a nice guy. He walked around us and rode off.

Lucky Star and I pranced into a crop field. A huge tire something had been in the field and cut the top off the crop. We had trails to follow in the field. Cool
Lucky Star and I did a marvelous flat foot walk up and down the field. He was calmed down considerably.

We had an episode with deer brush rattle. After Lucky Star leaped forward, and calmed down, he decided to get the entire side of the bit and my rein in his mouth. After I got my rein back, we were one field away from the trailer and we did a marvelous flat foot walk the entire distance! Wowed Me

Tomorrow we go to For The Horse Ranch for a lesson with Jenny and Tony Vaught. We have to
Make Up that lost riding time!

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