PostHeaderIcon 180 Lucky Star Story

He’s too cute.

Lucky Star is fun to ride.

Lucky is the last son of the great world champion stallion, Country Frank.

Lucky Star is frustrating to ride.

Lucky has the most fun personality possible.

Lucky Star has the most awesome flat foot walk and fox trotter ever!

Lucky Star and I are not ready for Versatility Events.

Lucky Star is frustrating.

When Lucky Star canters without arguing, it’s the smoothest softest lope ever.  He doesn’t speed up, just lopes along with me thinking heaven.

It’s never boring riding Lucky Star.

He’s short and my mounting and dismounting skills have improved.

Lucky Star is a diet horse. I must ride Lucky Star instead of sit in my recliner at home bored to death and eating.  Then I must write the latest Lucky Star story. This all prevents me from evil snacking.

Lucky Star is safe to ride.

Lucky Star processes things. He thinks things through and doesn’t react. A woman of my young years appreciates horses that don’t react and explode.

Lucky Star explodes into a non moving object. I still like that, even though it’s frustrating.

Lucky Star loves me. I love Lucky Star. We have a special bond.

Can you see where this is going yet?

The agreement with his wonderful owner, Teresa Osborn, was for me to ride him, show in in the Celebration and then he could be sold to the happiest new owner in the world. Lately, the “sold” word has been causing my eyes to moisten up and drip water.

Teresa has tricked me again into buying another one of her horses. The happiest new Lucky Star owner in the world has just become me.

It was me that asked Teresa if she had anything just standing around the pasture that was ridable.  I don’t see how she could have planned this.  It’s like this with all the horses that I have bought from Teresa. Sometimes I just outright volunteer to buy the horse. Sometimes she makes the slightest of suggestion and I buy the horse.  Once I bought two horses from her because I was mad at my husband.  How did she plan that?

(Tenor, Diva, breeding Sage to get Nova, indirectly Sue,  JJ the amazing stallion (shared with the Vaughts) and now Lucky.  Have I missed any?)

Lucky and I have made a 180 and reversed the course of our relationship!  I have become his owner.  I have erased the “sold” word and the tears have vanished!  Now there is this smile….


Contact Teresa and see if she can trick you into getting a cute little puppy.  I also have a German Shepherd dog, Heidi, who came from Teresa. Thank you Teresa for all the joy with the dogs and horses that you have brought into my life, trick or not!

2 Responses to “180 Lucky Star Story”

  • Deb Johnson says:

    Get a room!!!!!!!!!!!! So very happy for you, Susan. You have so many lovely horses in your life. A testament to a good hearted woman. So blessed to call you friend.

    • Susan says:

      We are blessed to move in the same circle of wonderful people who treat horses with the dignity and understanding that they deserve! AMEN Sister