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Lucky Star has his very own three horse trailer. Most times he gets to travel in this deluxe accomodation without having to share it with other horses.  (He hates that.)

Friday, Lucky will be traveling with three horses to North Kansas City group lesson for that night and Saturday morning.  We are having group lessons with Tony and Jenny Vaught at 6:30 pm Friday 7/27/12 from 6:30 to 8:30pm and Saturday, 7/28/12 from 8:00am to 10:00am

Lucky Star is going to be in the third spot in the trailer. The spot where he has to swing his rear end around to exit. There isn’t near as much room to figure out where the door is and where your rear end is from the last spot in the trailer.

Lucky has to move his hindquarters to the left and his forequarters to the right in order to unload from this spot.

It’s called a slant load trailer.  Lucky Star has to change himself from slant into straight in order to back out of the trailer.

It’s not intuitive.  We are goign to practice again tonight. We practised on Tuesday night and I had the freedom to be in the trailer with him, to tell him where to move his body.  Mostly, he refused.  It took about 5 sweaty minutes for me in each trailer unloading practice.  Lucky Star didn’t sweat.  I stood there and dripped while he thought about it.  He’s had yesterday and today to think about it some more.

I know that it’s not intuitive for a horse because I’ve had trailer stuck horses before.  I’ve never had Jenny come and rescue me on a trailer loading issue.  I have trailer unloading issues.

Thankfully, Jenny will be in attendence at the unloading. Thank Goodness!

Come and join us for the Friday eve and Sat morning group lesson!

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