PostHeaderIcon His New “Lady” Friend

Lucky Star and Lady traveled together about an hour to take a Friday evening and Saturday morning group lesson with Jenniferjenny vaught Vaught.

Lucky and Lady stayed the night in a glorious small pasture. I don’t know when the magic moment happened for Lucky Star. When morning broke in the cool light of the new day, Lucky Star made it known that Lady belonged to him.

When I rode him in the group lesson, he followed Lady without protest or balking. When we were passed by other geldings, Lucky’s body language made it clear that he did not appreciate their “nearness” to his Lady love.

If horses could growl, that is what would have happened. His body language was clear: ears flattened, a certain attitude arch in his neck and slight threatening head shake towards the offending gelding.

Lucky and Lady rode home together where Lady got out of the trailer and went home to her pasture at Pine pine dellDell.

Upset, heck yes.

This is the exact same pasture where Lucky’s best friend, aMuir, got out of the trailer and left him.

Lucky Star is in his own pasture now looking out for Goldie and Sue. The geldings next door dare not look at Lucky’s home girls!

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