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My riding partner is a hero. Lucky Star and I were out on the trail. I asked him to canter. Gaited horses have a lot of different places to put their legs. Sometimes legs forget the proper rhythm leg placement for the canter.

Lucky Star is having a balance problem with me and the canter. For a few strides, we got a pace gallop. That’s a four beat gait. A canter is a three beat gait. A pace gallop is smooth, it just doesn’t feel exactly right.

Then we descend into absolutely no rhythm. Legs fly everywhere.

Life for the rider gets bouncy. Lucky Star is having a great time. He’s flying down the trail. My phone decides to fly. My phone flies out of my jeans pocket. I didn’t feel it leave my body!

Hero Hope sees the phone drop to the ground in front of her and Jazz!

Hero Hope dismounts and rescues my phone.

I can’t mount my horse from the ground. Had I dismounted to get my phone, I might have been forced to walk back to the parking lot. Weight loss is critical for my mounting problem.

We had to walk a ways before we came to a ditch so Hope could mount Jazz. Temperature was climbing. It’s a lot hotter when one walks compared to the breeze generated when riding a moving horse!

Here are Lucky and I enjoying the dying sunflowers. We missed riding in a happy sunflower field this year.

We met a woman bike rider today. She looked like a normal bike rider. Our meeting was at an intersection of trail and road, so when she rode beside us, it wasn’t too close. Lucky tolerated that just fine. She spoke as she went by. Later as Hope and I were well past her, Hope told me that the bike woman was the vampire. I was riding Sage last year when a vampire woman scared us. She had dried blood on her lips then and was surly.
She looked like a human today. No dried blood. She fooled me.

Trail riding at James A Reed is always exciting!

Jazz checks out the corn. There are small ears of corn on the corn stalks.

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