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Some of you have seen my beautiful hat on person. All of you should have seen it in pictures. My friend, Hope, bought the hat. When it fit my head, she gave it to me

My story involves another hat. I didn’t want anyone to worry.

Lucky Star and I entered indoor arena at Pine Dell Hot. I took my hat off and we wandered around turning on the fans. We played and then wandered back to bridle. Lucky Star zeroed in on the hat. He snatched it off the ledge. I screamed. We played tug of war for a few seconds. I screamed some more. I let go and he waved the hat around. I let put a few more acceptable arena screams. He dropped the hat. Hat is in remarkable good shape.
Hmmm, I thought. I threw the hat on the ground. Lucky Star’s head dove for the hat. I got a treat out of my pocket and snapped my fingers. Snapped fingers mean TREAT! Lucky turned his head toward my hand and dropped the hat!
That is unbelievable on the first try. To get the horse to turn his head to you is the difficult part of “pick up the hat” trick and Lucky Star did it the first time.

I threw the hat on the ground about a foot away. He moved, picked up the hat and gave it to me in exchange for the “snap” treat!

I threw the hat about 4 feet away! He fetched the hat!! If you have any cowboy hats that are too ugly to wear, I need them for practice with my trick horse, Lucky Star!!

Lucky Star is owned by Stoneridge Farm Teresa and Junior are letting me borrow the amazing Lucky Star so I can have horse adventures to write about!

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