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I had my husband take a signed copy of the book to the Pleasant Hill vet’s office. I thanked them all for the care of my animals over the years and signed the book.

That night, the “young” vet came to the house to dig a fishing lure out of poor Sue’s lips. Sue was carrying around a three prong fishing lure stuck in her bottom lip and tongue. I believe the fishing lure has been in the lake a long time and now that the water has receeded so much with the drought, stuff is visible and accessible. Stuff like a long-lost fishing lure. Sue was not bleeding and didn’t act like she was in much distress. She couldn’t eat her grain. I thought an alien creature was stuck in her mouth. I can see now why fish believe these lures are something yummy to eat. I thought it was a monster stuck in my horse’s mouth. I went to get gloves because I thought it was slimy. I came back out, put the gloves on, prepared to grab the stuck slimy monster and see if I could tug it out of Sue’s mouth. I touched it and immediately let go. It was a hard object. That’s when I was able to see the hooks inside her lip. oh yeccha. Call the vet!

 Sue was given a ‘happy shot” and feeling left her mouth. She stood right next to the side of the stall. Right where Lucky Star was standing hoping Sue would push more of her grain over to his stall.  The hero vet dug the fishing lure out of her mouth. Lucky Star stuck his head thru the stall and tried to help the vet pull the hooks out. Yes, with his nibble teeth.  It became my job to stop Lucky Star from “helping” the vet.

After that was over, the vet showed me how her mobile Amazon application scanned the barcode on a book and then pops it up to buy.

I was stunned. That’s how the vet found the link to buy the book. The vet has emailed all her friends and told them to buy the book. I bet the older vets don’t know how to use their Amazon iPhone app to scan a book. I’m going to ask them the next time I see one of them.

Get mobile Amazon app, find the scan link, the scanner comes up on your phone and you show it the book’s bar code. Amazon will pop open to that book and let you buy it. It’s shocking.

Search for Susan FoxTrotter in Amazon. There’s a paperback and Kindle. If you want a signed copy, email me ( ! Signed copies thru the mail are $20.


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