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Lucky couldn’t believe it when he got out of the trailer at Pine Dell and his Lady Love and his bestest friend aMuir walked up to meet him.
Wonder of Wonders- he got into the trailer and both Lady an aMuir got him with him!
Melissa, Kelley and I went to the park.
Tonight the excited Go-Forward with great enthusiasm showed up. AMuir led, Lady was next and Lucky behind.
Immediately, we saw our first deer twice. He bounded out of the corn field and appeared later when we turned a corner. Shooi. Shooi we yelled. Our horses were solid.
Melissa pointed out some thing in the trail that spook an Arabian. Lucky laughed and snorted at such innocent items. He stated, “a Missouri Fox Trotter wouldn’t be scared of such things!”. AMuir wasn’t scared of them either, but he reserved his Arabian spirit for later.
Lucky was in high gear during the ride with head up, back hollowed out and legs going everywhere.
During parts if the ride, we tried to get beside Lady. Amazingly, Lady would speed up and prevent this. During the last half of the ride we attempted to advance and she cleverly blocked us with her body. She was darn clever about this.
Once we snuck up even with her when Lucky gave his ears back make war signal, probably in response to her demand he stay back!
We gave up and dropped back to our bringing up the rear position. Lucky got even with Lady and aMuir. Lucky ripped a sun flower plant out of the ground and made both Lady and AMuir flinch. They thought Lucky’s noise was a mountain lion.
Oh what a perfecto ride we had!

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