PostHeaderIcon Old Parelli Level 2 Liberty and Online Test

I remember these tasks as being hard. That was a long time ago.  I looked in the Susan FoxTrotter book to see what these tasks are.  Heck, they are simple.

They might be simple, but with Lucky, they are not easy.  Let’s talk about the circle game.  I’ll have to look again to see how many laps on the 22′ line Lucky Star has to maintain. At the moment, we are happy if he maintains one lap at a gait other than stop.

He has to be on the end of the 22′ rope and sidepass a certain distance.  I’ll have to check again to see if we can use the rail or fence to stop him from going forward.  It took a lot of energy yesterday to get him to sidepass 22′ away from me, much less go on from there.

ah…these Parelli old levels tasks are so deceptive.

I think I get the key now to the arguing.  If I can spend time to get him to stop arguing about going forward online and at liberty, maybe this will carry over to not arguing about going forward when I ride him.  It’s the Big Ben Bell going off in my head again.  We call them a blinding  flash of the obvious.

 I’m having fun with Lucky. 

Sue is getting exercise too. Sue’s eye’s are the opening of a soul to heaven.  I think a person could fall into Sue’s eyes and find God.

PS: Search Amazon for Susan FoxTrotter

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