PostHeaderIcon Spontaneous Outbreak Of Joy

It happened tonight.  It was downtown small town America. Everyone was there.  It was Cruise Night in Pleasant Hill. After the blistering months of heat, it was nice. Rock band squalling in the empty lot.  Lawn chairs, people chatting, groups walking, old cars every where you could see.  Oh it was nice.

Spouse and I found our car friends and that’s when it happened.

The lead singer was a woman. The song came out of the band. She started screaming Bobby McGee.  Oh Lord.  My body twitched to the raucous music.  Lead singer screamed Bobby McGee.  My body started rock and rolling to the music.  Shocked stares and smiles from the spouse’s car guys friends.  Smile at this personality in the throes of Bobby McGee and it goes out of control!

I was dancing in the street.  I was smoking a tote for Janice Joplin and Bobby McGee.  I went out of control. My body with this weigh loss feels totally cool.

And then I started singing.

When I didn’t know the words, I tried to apologize to the spouse’s friends, but they could tell I didn’t mean it.  I felt like I was dashed and crammed back into the late 60′s night club fun nights.

I tired of standing in place and started dancing down the street.  Luckily I know no one in the town and I didn’t care anyway.  I had my dark glasses on so they had no idea who I was.

The song finally stopped.  The lead singer stopped singing and Janice Joplin went away.

I slid over to the raffle drawing stand and bought some tickets to a drawing. I told the woman I had no idea what had come over me. The wise woman behind the counter told me that I acted like that because I felt good, was old and didn’t care what people thought. I bought a Cruise Night T Shirt – XL and wore it the rest of my time at Cruise Night.

The wise woman hit it just right!  I gave her a business card for my book and she was stunned that I was an author.  I left her like that.

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